Company Background

Founded in the early 1960's, Form-A-Tion have been providing precision metal fabricating solutions for more than 45 years.

Barry Galiger grew up in the HVAC industry and quickly learned that while he enjoyed metal fabrication, he would rather sell the equipment than use it.

After studying the worldwide market for fabrication equipment, Barry helped introduce the Promecam upstroking press brake to the US. Form-a-tion was one of the first and most successful dealers of Promecam press brakes including sales of 300+ machines in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma & Arkansas.

A leader in the industry, Barry's company also sold the first TWO AXIS CNC Promecam Brake in the USA and was a leader in pushing the industry to adopt what at the time was a quantum leap forward from the previous single bend angle processing.

* 1982 - Chip joined the team - working from Oklahoma and selling the same equipment

* 1993 - Form-A-Tion began repairs of Promecam press brakes

* 2000 - Hurco Backgauge sales & service were added to the product line

* 2001 - Form-A-Tion began selling the innovative LazerSafe press brake guarding system

* 2004 - Form-A-Tion began representing Pivatic punching and forming lines - again introducing innovative metal fabrication processes to the fabricating industry with the goal of helping our customers to stay competitive in the global marketplace